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Vinny vs Logan Vaughn - Mat Rats 79

Vinny vs Logan Vaughn - Mat Rats 79

$ 34.75

Thunder’s veteran Logan Vaughn is back to take on Vinny on the mats – and Vinny is in the mood for full-on domination!  Vinny immediately establishes his position as the Ultimate Alpha, flexing his muscles at Logan, forcing him to instinctively worship his hard-earned biceps.  Vinny berates Logan, telling him when he can and can’t touch his arms before verbally tearing into Logan’s own physique!  Vinny shoves Logan away – “You ready to get this s**t on?”  They lock up and Vinny quickly hoists Logan over his shoulder, jumping and ramming his shoulder into Logan’s abs before dumping him down hard!  A seated full-nelson has Logan face beet red and grimacing in pain as Vinny taunts him.  Logan struggles to escape, but Vinny is just too powerful!  Vinny releases the hold, tossing Logan aside.  Another lock up and Logan goes for the leg, trying to trip Vinny to the mat.  He gets the takedown, but finds himself pulled into Vinny’s waiting thighs!  Vinny’s powerful quads press in on Logan’s ribs, but Vinny isn’t happy with that – he lifts Logan up, holding him upside down and squeezing his midsection!  Logan is recovering on the mat as Vinny gets behind him, pulling Logan’s arms back HARD for a brutal chest stretch!  “I’ll snap your arms like twigs!”  Vinny clearly isn’t just here to wrestle – he’s here to destroy!

Vinny pulls Logan up and locks on an amazingly tight bearhug, crushing the veteran wrestler!  As if that wasn’t bad enough, Vinny suddenly lifts Logan high off the mat with the massive squeeze still locked on!  Logan can do nothing but take the pain as Vinny holds him immobile before slamming him down in an over the knee backbreaker!  Vinny doesn’t give Logan a moment’s respite as he clamps on a leglock, viciously pulling back before spinning around and adding a headlock into the mix!  Logan is in serious trouble here!  Vinny is humiliating Logan, verbally taunting him before trapping him in a bodyscissor / nelson combo!  Logan REALLY tries to escape, but Vinny holds him firm.  Bearhugs, chokes, headlocks, sleepers – Vinny is relentless!  Logan goes out!  When he comes to, he finds himself trapped in an innovative scissor choke with his own arm wrapped around his throat!  Logan is prone on the mats, but Vinny isn’t done – he hoists Logan high off the mats before slamming him down; Vinny is just mandhandling him!  A nasty blow to Logan’s abs and he finds himself again over Vinny’s big shoulder, suffering as Vinny flexes for the camera!  A devastating clothesline floors the suffering stud!  Vinny doesn’t even ask for a submission – he just wants to put Logan out of commission for good!  Vinny unleashes hold after hold – powerslam, sleeper, muscle-bulging bearhugs and an awesome GORILLA PRESS SLAM!!!

Can Logan survive this epic beatdown and mount a comeback?  Or will Vinny’s relentless domination put him away for good?  Get this fantastic match today!