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Vinny vs Marco - Mat Wars 93

Vinny vs Marco - Mat Wars 93

$ 31.25

This is the third face-off between veterans Vinny and Marco. Both hate each other, so the trash talk in this match is taken to a WHOLE 'NOTHER LEVEL! Marco calls Vinny a "six foot dumbass" saying all meatheads talk about is the food and protein they eat. Vinny says Marco is the size of his pinky and must eat string beans for dinner. He tells Marco he'll never be big like him. Marco replies, "I'm the best wrestler. You're the worst trash talker of Thunders!" This match is on! 
The two vets lock up. Vinny puts Marco in a headlock calling him a "pussy" and "140 pound twink." He tells Marco he should eat 12 meals a day like him and applies a sleeper. Marco isn't impressed and feels nothing. "Your trash talking needs work!" He calls Vinny a hairy old man and says his steroids aren't doing him any good. Vinny recovers and puts Marco in a leg scissor. Marco tells the "brainless gorilla" to get off him. Vinny puts Marco in a TIGHT full nelson. "Dumb bag of bricks!" says Marco. Vinny applies a front and rear bearhug threatening to BREAK Marco's back. Marco falls to the mat. 
Marco REGAINS his strength, gets up, and LOW BLOWS Vinny. He elbow drops the gorilla then puts him in a standing head scissor. Marco picks up a cellphone and say he's gonna take pictures of himself kicking Vinny's ass to post online. Vinny breaks free and bearhugs Marco from behind. Marco elbows Vinny and puts him in a head scissor while taking selfies. "Smile. Look at the camera!" Vinny knocks the phone out of Marco's hand. Marco is PISSED and puts Vinny in a tight sleeper hold. He sits on Vinny's back, taking more pics giving Vinny a wedgie and a Boston crab! Marco puts Vinny in an over the knee back breaker taking more pics. He straddles Vinny's chest threatening to send his pics to people at Vinny's gym.
Vinny picks up Marco in a MASSIVE front bearhug bouncing him up and down! The trash talk continues. He puts Marco in a rear bearhug. Marco isn't impressed and calls Vinny "big for nothing". Vinny bearhugs Marco again, picks him up one on shoulder, throws him to the mat, then STOMPS on his abs. He climbs on Marco's back and delivers a chin-lock then half nelson. Marco calls him a "rip-off John Cena". Vinny calls Marco a midget. The match ends with someone getting SLEEPERED. However, they come back from the dead and deliver two MASSIVE low blows for the win! Will it be the worst trash-talker Vinny or the selfie-taking Marco? Buy this trash-talking battle to find out!