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Vinny vs Marco - No Holds Barred 87

Vinny vs Marco - No Holds Barred 87

$ 31.25

“I heard you came back, so I decided to come over and kick your ass!”

Marco and Vinny have never got on, and Marco hasn’t forgotten their last match!  So when the chance arose for revenge, Marco, quite literally, grabs it by the balls…

Vinny has been told to wait in the lounge for his latest opponent.  All ready to wrestle in his red Calvins, Vinny is blindsided when Marco pops up from behind the sofa and wraps his arms around Vinny’s neck for a surprise Sleeper hold!  Poor Vinny doesn’t have a prayer, succumbing to the cheap tactics of the vengeful Marco!  Coming out from behind the sofa, Marco grabs Vinny’s legs and pulls him to the floor, clearly intent on pressing his advantage over the muscle bully.  Decked out in tight white Calvins, Marco wraps Vinny’s legs up in a modified figure-four!  Marco milks his advantage, straddling Vinny and posing up close and personal, right in his face!  “You want it?” Marco taunts the trapped super-stud.  Manhandling his prey onto the sofa, Marco wraps his powerful legs around Vinny’s head in a crushing figure-four headscissor!  Marco clamps down, his calf pressing across Vinny’s throat, threatening to choke him out!  Vinny thrashes and struggles to escape Marco’s clutches, saying he’s going to wipe the floor with him – Marco responds by grabbing Vinny’s leg and pulling it towards his face in a Stump Puller!  Vinny’s face screws up in pain as Marco pulls on the leg, stretching out Vinny’s taut hamstring.  To add insult, Marco grabs Vinny’s balls!  Vinny clutches his groin in agony, collapsing to the mat – Marco reaches under and punishes him some more!

Marco moves to the sofa, clamping on another figure-four headscissor and reaching forward to batter Vinny’s abs and balls – Marco is seriously out to punish today!  A Single-leg Crab has Vinny in pain, but not submitting.  Marco literally wipes the mat with Vinny before slapping on his signature Schoolboy Pin!  Vinny suffers as Marco traps him in a spine-bending Bow & Arrow!  A Camel Clutch, Sleeper and more manhood mauling from Marco – Vinny finally snaps!  A sudden Bearhug from Vinny catches Marco unawares, their bodies crushed together as Vinny squeezes the life out of him!  Vinny maneuvers Marco into an OTK backbreaker, raining blows down onto his midsection!  Vinny clamps on a tight headscissor as he unloads a torrent of trash talk!  Marco is in serious trouble as the enraged Vinny mercilessly beats on him.  In desperation, Marco reaches behind and grabs Vinny’s head, throwing him over to the mat and STEPPING ON HIS THROAT!  Now Vinny is in trouble as Marco slaps on another, incredibly tight Sleeper – Marco doesn’t just want to win, he wants to make a statement!  Vinny succumbs again to the devastating Sleeper hold, but Marco isn’t finished – he wakes Vinny with a ball claw, followed by one of the hardest and most relentless gut bashing sessions we have ever seen!

Can Vinny come back and deny Marco’s revenge?  Or will the vengeful superstar put his nemesis away?  Add this revenge-fueled rematch to your collection today!