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Vinny Rex abs pecks

Vinny vs Rex aka Jaxton - Bodybuilder Battle 105

$ 31.25

Multi-round mayhem at Thunder’s Arena!

Rex is back!  After a bit of a hiatus from Thunder’s Arena, Rex is back on the mats to take on fan favourite bad boy, Vinny.  Vinny has a lot of mouth, although today he is so anxious to get on with the beatdown that his usual trash talk is somewhat off.  No matter, actions speak louder than words anyway!  Hard shoving ensues until Rex lunges low and scoops Vinny up in a long-held bearhug!  Vinny is a big guy, but Rex is manhandling him.  Vinny is thrown to the mat, but Rex goes right back to the bearhug, further crushing Vinny before he has chance to regroup!  Rex throws Vinny down again and follows up with a wrenching arm bar, throwing in some ab shots for good measure.  Vinny absorbs the pain, so Rex switches to what may be his most devastating hold – a skull-buckling headscissors!  Rex has MASSIVE quads, each full to the brim of crushing, squeezing power and he loves to use them on those foolish to get caught between them!  Rex’s quads shake and flare as he pours on the pressure!  Vinny’s face is a mask of agony as he is inexorably crushed in Rex’s vice.  Rex decides to showboat, sitting on Vinny’s chest, but Vinny show’s he’s still in the game as he shoves Rex over onto his back and starts counting the pin!  One…Two…Thr…No!  Rex thrusts his shoulders up in the nick of time!  Vinny drags Rex up and into an incredibly tight full nelson, then switches to a rear bearhug before dumping him unceremoniously to the mat!  Vinny hoists Rex up for a front bearhug, determined to crush the breath out of him!  The camera lingers on Rex’s massive thighs as he struggles to escape.  Vinny wraps his big arm around Rex’s neck in a sleeper!  Rex panics and struggles, desperate to escape.  Vinny’s not about to let that happen and Rex is out! Round 1 to Vinny!

Round 2 begins with both men circling the other, wary of the strength and skill each has.  Rex leaps up, wrapping his huge legs around Vinny in a flying bodyscissor!  Vinny tries to stay standing, but Rex is relentless and Vinny sinks to the mat.  Rex immediately let’s go of the bodyscissors and instead clamps on another of his lethal headscissors!  His quads bulge and flex as he surrounds Vinny’s entire world in crushing muscle!  Wanting to see what Vinny can take, Rex releases the headscissors and attacks Vinny’s midsection with a sidebodyscissor, then a scissors / choke combo!  The sweat is pouring off Rex’s hairy, muscular body as the two get up, but this time it’s Vinny who goes in first, lifting Rex up and slamming him down HARD to the mat!  Vinny slaps on a headscissor of his own, immobilising Rex.  Vinny drags Rex between his waiting thighs and applies a choke, but it’s not enough – Rex escapes and gets a double leg takedown on Vinny.  Rex mounts Vinny’s back, pulling him up and back in a perfect Camel Clutch!  Going back to his favourite weapon, Rex traps Vinny in a brutal side headscissor variation, his big quad crushing Vinny’s throat!  Vinny has absolutely no choice but to tap out and submit the round to Rex!

The match continues immediately, with both men determined to crush the other!  With one round a piece, there’s everything to play for as these two gladiators fight until one is vanquished in one of the hottest finishers you will ever see!  Do yourself a huge favour and add this match to your collection today!