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Vinny squeezes Scrappy in a bearhug in Thunders Arena

Vinny vs Scrappy Mini Match - Mat Rats 72

$ 34.75

The veteran Vinny and the rookie Scrappy shake hands. "What's your name?" asks Vinny. "You can't know that. I ain't gotta tell you nothing!" says Scrappy. Vinny flexes his bulging biceps, "You know all these muscles are gonna beat your ass. I'm gonna crush that little twerp body!" Scrappy isn't intimated and flexes his muscles. "I eat guys like you for breakfast!" says Vinny. "Like to see you try!" This match is on!
Both lock up. Vinny gets a  takedown and straddles Scrappy. "Come on!" The muscle giant locks in a TIGHT body scissor. "Is that all you got?" asks Scrappy. "I'm just relaxing, waiting for you to get out!" The rookie escapes and headlocks the veteran. Vinny retaliates and locks in another MASSIVE body scissor and head scissor. "What's your name? Tell me your name!" DEMANDS Vinny. The stubborn rookie still won't say. 
Vinny gets Scrappy in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, lifts him in the air, and SHAKES him around. "Tell me your name!" commands Vinny. The rookie is defiant, "I ain't telling you nothing!" The muscle giant puts his victim in a full nelson but releases the hold. Scrappy bearhugs Vinny, but the beast just laughs it off. "I can show you what a real bearhug is!" Vinny picks up Scrappy in a RIB-CRUSHING bearhug. The newbie is GASPING for air!
The muscle giant isn't done with his punishment and picks Scrappy up in a CHOKELIFT! "Look at that bicep!" Vinny admires his boulder arms. The beast locks Scrappy in a body scissor/sleeper combo. "Sleepy time! Can you get out of this or what?" Surprisingly, Scrappy escapes and climbs on the muscle giant's back. He locks in a sleeper of his own but can't take down the giant.
Vinny picks up Scrappy in an OVERHEAD PRESS! Will the rookie be forced to say what his name is? Will he escape and take the big man down? One things for sure, the loser will be PASSED OUT on the mat in defeat! You gotta see it to find out!