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Vinny vs Scrappy - Ring Wars 42

Vinny vs Scrappy - Ring Wars 42

$ 25.95

Two of our most popular wrestlers clash in the ring!

The video opens on fan favorite Scrappy trapped in the full nelson of villainous Vinny!  How did they get there?  What did Scrappy do to warrant such a punishment?  We may never know, but Scrappy has a trick or two up his sleeve – he reaches behind and rakes Vinny’s eyes, temporarily blinding him and giving Scrappy a chance to escape and crawl away!  Scrappy has clearly endured a beating already as he barely has the energy to crawl into the next room – which happens to be the ring room!  Scrappy tries to get to the other side of the ring, but Vinny has recovered and catches up to his prey!  Scrappy, looking phenomenal in tiny colored trunks, is hauled to his feet and flung into the corner where Vinny batters him with splashes, chops and kicks to the midsection!  Vinny has leaned out, but he’s lost none of his power, muscle or attitude!  He pulls Scrappy out of the corner, straight into a clothesline that sends Scrappy to the canvas – Vinny wastes no time, following Scrappy down and slapping on a NASTY arm bar that has Scrappy BEGGING for mercy!  Vinny wants to punish Scrappy some more and releases the hold, giving Scrappy a chance to get away.  He gets as far as the ropes, pulling himself up only to have Vinny batter him back down with a forearm blow to his upper back!  Scrappy looks spent, but this is only the beginning!  Vinny applies a full nelson then trips Scrappy forward, driving his skull into the mat!  Scrappy lies prone as Vinny goes to the turnbuckle – Scrappy recovers just in time to see Vinny launch himself off the turnbuckle with a FLYING ELBOW SMASH!  Scrappy cries out as the devastating move connects!  What did Scrappy do to deserve this?!

The assault continues as Vinny pummels and pounds Scrappy’s body, manhandling him all over the ring!  Standing head scissors, nelsons, clotheslines, folding presses, upside-down bearhug – Vinny throws everything he can think of at the suffering superstar!  A CRUSHING scissor across Scrappy’s throat has him gasping for oxygen!  “Can you breathe?” asks Vinny, knowing full well the damage he is inflicting on his victim!  A TIGHT sleeper hold has Scrappy on the edge, but he manages to pry Vinny’s massive arm off!  Scrappy mounts a comeback, slapping a bearhug of his own on Vinny, but he can’t capitalize and Vinny shoves to the canvas.  Scrappy finds himself trapped in the ropes with Vinny yanking back HARD on his head!  A cocky pin attempt from Vinny is met with a low blow from Scrappy – but that just makes Vinny mad!  He traps Scrappy in a crippling chin lock – Scrappy taps out over and over, but Vinny refuses to relent!

Can Scrappy survive the villain’s vengeance and make a comeback?  Will Vinny have mercy on the muscle stud?  This is non-stop, relentless action, packed with punishing holds and devastating moves that you don’t want to miss!