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Vinny Slash Reverse Bear Hug

Vinny vs Slash - Custom Video Series 57

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

“I’m going to stand here and admire myself whilst I kick your f***ing ass!”

Vinny and Slash return to Thunder’s Arena to face each other in the ring!  Right from the off, Vinny starts in with the trash talk, telling Slash that he’s going to dominate him and bend him like a pretzel!  Slash, looking more ripped than ever, just soaks it up, knowing all too well that Vinny likes to get in his opponents head!  The two men lock up with Vinny shoving Slash into the corner, starting a classic power play in the ring with each trying to outmuscle the other.  They circle and lock up again – this time, Vinny manages to spin Slash around and catch him in a rear bearhug!  The veins on Slash’s rock-hard pecs pop as he strains to escape the punishing hold – Vinny just cinches it in tighter, crushing the bodybuilder’s ribs!  Slash summons every ounce of strength in his muscles – he manages to power out!  Slash immediately goes for Vinny’s legs, taking the brash brawler to the canvas and cradling him for a pin attempt – it’s way too early for that though as Vinny shoves Slash away, freeing himself and getting back to his feet.

Another lock up, this time Slash finds himself trapped in Vinny’s full nelson!  Vinny drives Slash down to the canvas, posing over him as he recovers.  Vinny shoves his biceps into Slash’s face but he gets too close, giving Slash the chance to grab Vinny’s head and pull him over for another cradle!  Vinny is momentarily impressed at Slash’s skill, but it’s not long before he’s back on the attack, pummelling Slash’s back.  Vinny ties Slash up in the ropes, pulling back HARD on his chin!  Some more blows to Slash’s traps, then Vinny whips him across the ring!  Slash rebounds off the ropes, right into Vinny’s clothesline – Slash crashes to the mat like a felled tree!  A folding press from Vinny gets him the first fall!

Whilst Vinny has won the first battle, the war has a long way to go.  Slash ups his game, flipping Vinny over into a spladle. “Let’s see how flexible you are!”  Vinny’s face contorts in pain as he is torn apart by Slash’s brutal hold!  Vinny manages to grab the ropes, using them to free himself from the hold.  Enraged, Vinny lunges in towards Slash and scoops him up over his shoulder, ramming his delts into Slash’s abs.  Vinny slams Slash to the canvas, but again his hubris is his undoing!  Forgetting what happened earlier, Vinny shows off his muscle and again Slash grabs his head and flips Vinny over into a pin!  This time, Slash gets the tree count and it’s one all!

Not wanting to lose the momentum, Slash immediately gets on top of Vinny and slaps on an agonising GRAPEVINE!  Slash’s hard pecs are in Vinny’s face as he grinds the hold!  But Vinny is no pushover and manages to escape the painful hold.  The war rages on as they unload on each other with pec chops, chin locks, sleeper holds, scissors, slams and much, much more.

Has Vinny finally met his match in the muscular Slash?  Or will Vinny once again prove his dominance in the ring?