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Vinny vs Sly - Mat Wars 91

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NEW FILMING STYLE!  Imagine if you were the ref on the mat, right NEXT to these two monsters seeing every muscle flex up close and in your face!  that is our new point of view this match we call RMV (Ref on mat view).  ENJOY!

Sly has become very popular now that he's lost some weight so he decided to ask Mr. Mike for a real New York wrestler, of course Mr. Mike thought Vinny would be perfect.  Watch as these 2 Italian stallions from NY try and battle it out to see who is stronger and tougher.  Only problem is Sly can't keep from admiring Vinny's new 20 lbs of new muscle.  So it has times of muscle worship style wrestling between the bone crushing bearhugs and sleepers and headlocks.  More Description coming soon