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Meaty vs Regan - Water Wars 14

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

5'11" 235 lbs vs 6'1" 233 lbs

Run time: 26 min.

Meaty and Regan are ready to play the wall push game in the pool. They line up and get ready before shooting to the middle of the pool and clashing muscles! A back and forth game of trying to push one another's butt on the opposing wall has one wrestler flexing in victory after winning 2 out of 3. However, that isn't received well by his opponent who gets heated and grabs him in a brutal choke lift. With both above water and underwater shots, the two muscle behemoths go at it lifting and tossing each other around. Regan has a little less rust than Meaty and controls his opponent dragging him underwater, but Meaty has the size and strength to counter Regan's moves. The two studs lock up intensely in a SLOW MOTION SCENE that goes from a wet bearhug to underwater in the deep end with both wrestlers fighting for position and for air! Regan finally gets to the surface "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?" with Meaty's answer being "YES, I AM". The guys lock up once again using the edge of the pool go lock in head scissors using their giant quads to squeeze their opponents. The action moves to the shallow end where both guys use the stairs and to lock in sleeper holds and bearhugs. Meaty turns sinister and begins to actually drown Regan repeatedly teaching him the lesson to respect him! Regan is not backing down, though! The wet and wild action continues with big power moves and both mass monsters lifting and throwing their opponent around the pool.

When the guys had to get out of the pool because of a thunder storm, they don't want to have a draw and decide that a victory will be determined in a BEARHUG COMPETITION!

They lock up trading brutal bearhugs attempting to squeeze the air out of their opponent. When Regan starts to lose, he has to break out the dirty tricks and throws out a few ball claws to even the playing field! Who will get the most bearhugs and pull out the victory?