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Ajax, Angel, Devin and Demitre - Water Wars 1

Ajax, Angel, Devin and Demitre - Water Wars 1

$ 31.25

Pool Wrestling done in a NEW WAY!
No wrestling company has filmed wrestling like this.
Special mats let our guys wrestle on top of water!

This match features some of our classic wrestling superstars like Ajax, Angel, Devin, and Dimitre, plus a new comer Cesar who only wrestled this one time. Devin invites over a bunch of the guys over to hang out and drink some beer. He starts showing Cesar few new moves, poolside when the rest of the guys start showing up. Devin decides to put the mat in the pool then everyone complains that the water is too cold to rough house around in. (It was 50 degrees outside when we filmed this match) Of course Angel sneaks up and pushes in one of the guys into the pool so it's game on now! The guys start out doing various match ups individually on the mat to see who is the best one the water, they they break up into teams doing king of the mat, and even have a battle royal of last man standing on the mat is the winner. They come up with some very interesting contests and battles. It's a total blast to watch, you will want to not miss adding this to your collection. This DVD is one hour long.