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Welsh Big Sexy abdominal stretch submission hold submit abs pain

Welsh vs Big Sexy - Rough & Ready 45

$ 31.25

Big newcomer Welsh gets a serious lesson in respect from Big Sexy. Welsh unplugs Big Sexys phone charger, causing Big Sexy to unleash his incredible mat skills on the disrespectful rookie. Welsh is a big, impressive stud at 64 225 lbs, and hes more accustomed to being respected than showing respect. But Big Sexy manhandles Welsh as though he were a scrawny weakling. Right out of the box, Big Sexy is choking Welsh with his phone charger, slapping him around while putting him in a school boy pin and telling Welsh to apologize and show respect. Big Sexy relentlessly tortures Welsh with body scissors, chokes, back breakers, over the knee stretches, upside down belly to belly bear hugs, sleepers, headlocks and even a reverse guillotine, as Welsh cries out in pain and begs for mercy. Big Sexy shows zero respect for Welsh, telling him you dont talk when Big Sexy talks and putting his foot in Welshs face. Welsh tries to weasel his way out of the beating by offering to apologize and suggesting they talk it through. But as soon as Big Sexy lets the cocky big guy up, Welsh disrespects Big Sexy again. The trick works once, allowing Welsh to get in a quick bear hug and arm bar, but its not long before Big Sexy is again teaching Welsh whos Master on the wrestling mat. As the humiliating domination by Big Sexy continues, Welsh tries the tactic a few more times, saying Im sorry and I didnt mean it and agreeing to totally respect Big Sexy. But each time Big Sexy lets Welsh up, the big man turns cocky and continues his disrespect. Get the video to see if Big Sexy can finally teach the big, disrespectful rookie some respect.