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Welsh flex pose chest pecs abs arms

Welsh vs Zman - Rough & Ready 44

$ 31.25

Z-Man is known for mouthing off to big guys and never backing down even if he gets his ass kicked. When he mouths off to big, powerful newcomer Welsh, its not hard to predict that Z-Mans beautifully muscled body is going to get totally stomped by the big bruiser. At 64, Welsh towers over Z-Man and hes got lots of power in those long, muscular arms and legs. With his dark eyes and lantern jaw rugged good looks, Welsh is one impressive hunk of manhood. Definitely not someone a smaller guy wants to mess with on the wrestling mat. But that doesnt stop Z-Man from telling the big stud hes going to Wipe this mat up with your face. Welsh welcomes the opportunity to humiliate the smart mouthed Z-Man and tells him Youre a scrawny little bitch. Welsh wastes no time asserting his superior size and power over Z-Mans well muscled, but smaller body, pinning him to the wall with a choke and then delivering over a dozen punches to Z-Mans abs. After the gut punching, cocky Welsh throws battered Z-Man to the mat, like so much garbage. When Z-Man tries to get up, Welsh bullies him down by putting his foot on Z-Mans back and telling him to get down, doing a double bi in triumph. Anxious to inflict more pain on Z-Man , Welsh pulls him up and clamps on a belly to belly bear hug. Give up yet? big Welsh asks as Z-Man groans in pain from the crushing power in Welshs arms. Then Welsh throws Z-Man down and puts his big foot on Z-Mans stomach, holding him down while Welsh kisses his own flexed bicep. Look at these muscles Welsh brags as he admires his own magnificent body. When he lets Z-Man up, he asks the little guy Is that all youve got? Scrappy Z-Man tells the big bully, Im just getting started although hes holding his ribs in pain. When the two lock up, Z-Man shows some of his own impressive power and skills, picking Welsh up and dropping the big stud over his knee in a painful backbreaker. Z-Man then rolls the big guy to his stomach and locks on a hold. Savoring his revenge, Z-Man asks How does that feel? Z-Man continues the attack putting Welsh in a surfboard with his arms pulled back and taunts the big man. After a couple of elbow smashes to Welshs back, the two return to their feet. They lock up again and Welsh gets Z-Man into a bear hug from behind, lifting him off the mat and putting Z-Mans package on display. Then Welsh drops Z-Man to the mat and humiliates Z-Man by putting him in a surfboard. Adding to the humiliation, he stomps Z-Mans back four times with his size 14 foot. Proud of his domination of the smaller muscleman, Welsh does some flexing and gives us another look at his impressive double bi. Z-Man gets up, furious that Welsh used Z-Mans move on him. Telling Welsh, two can play at that game, Z-Man locks welsh into a bear hug from behind, bringing him to submission and dropping him to the mat. With Welsh on his back in pain, Z-Man presses his advantage and demonstrates that his perfectly sculpted muscles arent just for show. He picks the big guy up and slams him to the mat, four times. But Z-Mans advantage doesnt last long as Welsh picks Z-Man up and lifts him over his head, then drops him to the mat. Enjoying his own display of power, Welsh offers to help the little guy up, then lifts him over his head a second time, dropping him to the mat behind his back. Welsh follows up with a couple foot stomps on Z-Man. As if that werent enough punishment to satisfy any bully, the sadistic Welsh then puts poor Z-Man into a full nelson. Z-Man rallies and the two lock up again. After an unsuccessful effort at a bear hug, Welsh uses his power to throw Z-Man to the mat. Then he dishes out some more humiliation, shoving Z-Mans face into the mat, asking him how it tastes. Then Welsh applies an arm bar and punches the helpless Z-Man in the gut a few times, just for fun. Z-Man struggles to get out, but only gets himself in deeper as Welsh wraps his big arms around Z-Mans neck and his long powerful legs around Z-Mans body. Still not satisfied with his total domination of Z-Man, Welsh makes the smaller guy eat the mat some more, then puts his huge foot onto Z-Mans back in triumph. But Z-Man is still not beaten, and arrogant Welsh tells him You dont know when to quit. Welsh locks Z-Man in a really long belly to belly bear hug. In the process, we get a great view of the impressive bulge in Welshs trunks. Humiliating Z-man further, Welsh forces him to kiss his bicep, grabbing Z-Mans head and shoving his face into Welshs big flexed gun. When Welsh releases the hold and throws Z-Man to the mat, Z-Man spits to get the taste out of his mouth. Thats about as humiliating as it gets. Z-Man gets to his feet, but Welsh finishes him off with another brutal full nelson, followed by a sleeper. Even after Z-Man passes out, Welsh isnt done humiliating the once cocky Z-Man. Welsh says Before I go, kiss my bicep and shoves Z-Mans face into his big flexed arm once again. Finally satisfied with his domination of Z-Man, Welsh walks away, saying later bitch to the totally humiliated Z-man, who is sprawled out, unconscious, on the mat.