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White Tiger vs Steel - Vegas Battles 03

White Tiger vs Steel - Vegas Battles 03

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

White Tiger is the newest addition to the Thunder’s roster, introduced to us by none other than Steel!  The two go way back as training partners – and as grappling opponents!  Bear is interviewing the two men, stirring up some old heat and opening old wounds.  You can tell there’s a rivalry here, and now is as good a time as any to settle it!

Steel and White Tiger go through a warm-up, stretching and loosening up for fight.  Steel, in his tiniest trunks yet, looks massive and vascular, a wrecking machine of pure muscle!  White Tiger, in white trunks, is a picture of inked fitness and speed, every muscle in his body coiled and ready for action.  This promises to be a great match indeed!  But this is no ordinary Thunder’s match!

Both wrestlers start on their knees and lock up, each straining to get an advantage over the other.  Steel goes for a mount on Tiger, but is thrown off.  White Tiger makes a mistake, offering Steel his arm!  Steel, showing hidden BJJ and grappling skills, seizes the arm and proceeds to use it to choke Tiger!  White Tiger is being choked with his own arm!!  Showing off his speed, Tiger manages to escape the lock, getting his legs around Steel for a scissor in the process!  Steel gets out of the hold and catches White Tiger in a painful Kimura arm lock, his own biceps bulging as Tiger’s face becomes a picture of pain!  Steel wrenches it hard, but Tiger holds out!  Steel senses he needs to weaken the Tiger some more, so releases the arm lock and gets ready to lock up again.  This time, Tiger ends up on his back, Steel’s mighty pecs pinning him down in a cross body press as Steel again goes for an arm lock!  Steel is trying to take out his former training partner’s arms!  Tiger avoids the lock, only for Steel to trap him in an arm bar instead!  Steel is really impressive as he relentlessly targets the arm of Tiger!

The two wrestlers go at it move for move, hold for hold, catching each other in body scissors, face locks, choke holds and arm locks!  Steel goes for another Kimura lock, looking to finish what he started earlier, but switches to a devastating choke hold instead – the Tiger submits!  The match is far from over though as both men clearly have something to prove and lock up again.  A nasty knee lock from one wrestler will leave you wondering if the victim will walk properly again, let alone wrestle!

This match is a mat grappling fan’s dream!  Pure, submission wrestling, two built guys pitting their skill, strength and muscle against each other – it doesn’t get any purer than this!  Buy this match today to see which of these two rivals prevails!