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thunders arena male wrestling wildcard jake headscissors

Wildcard vs Jake - Mat Wars 85

$ 25.95

Battle Head Scissors Body Scissors

Fans have been writing in new match ideas and one of them was to take our old "bearhug battle" system of who ever the most submissions by bearhug at the end of time is the winner.  Well this one turned into a body scissors vs head scissors battle with two men who have done nothing but hit the gym and add on 20 lbs of real lean muscle to each of their bodies!  Wildcard has some serious thigh muscles and his glutes are bigger than most people's heads!  So he started the match teasing Jake about how he would make him submit over and over in a head scissors and body scissors.  Jake who has been training to go pro bodybuilder has massive thighs as well but is a few years younger than Wildcard and a whole lot more cocky attitude to back up those big muscles of his.  This match we epic in its intensity to try and get a submission by other the power of your thighs squeezing the life out of another guy.  These guys are seriously tough to put up with this kind of abuse over and over again one submission after another.  Who came out on top with the most submissions?  Get the match and find out...