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rex wildcard thunders arena body scissor

Wildcard vs Rex - Mat Rats 98

$ 25.95

If you like your wrestlers thick, beefy and ready to go, then this match is for you!  Wildcard is one of our newest recruits and is the living definition of ‘Football Build’.  If he comes at you with his dense musculature and raw power, you’re gonna know about it!  Today he’s facing Rex, Thunder’s resident hairy muscle daddy! Wildcard figures wiping out Rex will be a good way to get his name on the map, but can he overcome the strength and experience of Rex?

The two meet face to face in the centre of the mat, and straight away they start trash talking each other.  It is obvious that there is no love lost here!  Wildcard, wearing white Calvin’s, is intense – he goes right for Rex’s arms, pinning them behind his back and lifting him into the air.  Rex’s shoulders pop as his arms are stretched to almost breaking point by the simple, but oh so nasty hold!  Wildcard dumps Rex to the mat and slaps on a headscissor, his thick thighs threatening to crush Rex’s neck!  Wildcard knows he has more work to do, so he releases the hold.  Rex takes the chance, getting to his feet and slugging Wildcard in the midsection!  The unprepared Wildcard crumbles to the mat, trying to get his breath back.  But Rex isn’t going to give him that chance as he wraps his legs around Wildcard for a revenge scissor hold!  Wildcard screams from the pressure, but Rex just inexorably pours it on!  Wildcard’s muscles pop and bulge as he strains to get free!  With damage done, Rex releases the squeezing hold, ready to move onto his next punishing move!  Rex flexes his huge legs, admiring his quads.  “Thighmaster, right here” “Who says you’re the master of thighs?”  Wildcard is furious and humiliated and vows to get even.  He lunges for Rex, catching him in a fireman’s carry and sending him to the mat for another body scissor, this time with added pec punishment!  Even the hair on Rex’s body proves a target!

Wildcard mounts Rex’s torso, but the veteran fires a double axehandle into his abs that sends him careening!  Rex follows up with a DEVASTATING headscissor – Wildcard’s face is absolutely CRUSHED between Rex’s powerful pillars!  Wildcard is in serious trouble as Rex cranks it on HARD, his quads flaring as he squeezes the rookie!  Wildcard finds himself hoisted high off the mat in Rex’s rear bearhug – Rex’s muscles shake from the effort!  Wildcard gets warily back to his feet and the two lock up for a Test of Strength!  A Full Nelson from Rex has the intense Wildcard crying out in pain, but it’s shortlived as he goes to the mat and clamps a Shinbreaker on the Thunder’s veteran!  Wildcard follows up with a modified Camel Clutch that has Rex suffering!  Wildcard is cocky – “You’re giving me a workout Pops – maybe that should be your new name!”  Rex does not take kindly to that, slugging Wildcard in the midsection again and stripping the rookie of his Calcin’s, revealing baby-blue trunks underneath that lend a whole new meaning to the word ‘briefs’!  The rookie is enraged and charges in like a bull – but Rex is ready for him and catches him in a bone-crunching bearhug, with added wedgie!  Scissor holds, gut bashing, push kicks, knee drops, and more – a payback Camel Clutch has the hapless rookie screaming!

But the match is far from over – can Wildcard recover and get his revenge on Rex?  Or will the veteran stop the bull in his tracks?  This is a brutal, vicious match between two blunt instruments of pure power!  Add it to your collection today!