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arm lock

Wildcard vs Scrappy - Rough and Ready 110

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

Brawn vs Beauty both Scrappy and Wildcard look amazingly sculpted, but Wildcard doesn't look to impressed with what scrappy has to offer, he thinks scrappy is to skinny and won't have the power for him, but scrappy thinks speed has a lot to do with it, well Scrappy wasn't fast enough and gets put into a bear hug, wildcard throws him down and pins him, he gets on top of Scrappy and starts flexing for the camera, Scrappy tires to give Wildcard a pec claw, but his pecs are to massive and he pins Scrappys arms down. He body scissors scrappy across his stomach and tells him to tap. Scrappy punches wildcard in the face! Scrappy puts Wildcard in a Boston crab, but Wildcard trips him by sliding his feet out from under him and throwing him on his back, he pins Scrappys leg to his shoulder, he throws scrappy away from him and starts flexing over him, than he grabs him for a fireman's carry, see if  speed or strength wins!