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Woody mark muscle Flex pose chest pecs abs arms thighs muscle worship

Woody vs Mark Muscle - Battlespace 92

$ 17.00
$ 31.25

If fortune favors the brave, then newcomer Woody must be very rich indeed as he meets the massive Mark Muscle on the mats!

Mark’s face is a picture of fury and destruction as he stares at the upstart, before lunging in and slapping a headlock on Woody!  Woody tries in vain to dent Mark Muscles abs, but immeasurable hours in the gym have honed them into bricks!  Mark Muscle is determined to show the rookie just what he’s signed up for – he swings Woody around and clamps on a rear bearhug!  Woody fires elbow shots into Mark’s massive shoulder, but the bodybuilder just laughs it off!  Mark Muscle switches up into a full nelson, immobilising Woody and LIFTING HIM OFF THE MAT!!  No submission, but that’s just fine with the sadistic muscle man!  Mark Muscle slaps on a sleeper, his massive bicep bulging into the neck of Woody.  Mark keeps it on just long enough to weaken Woody, throwing him to the floor and surfboarding him!  Woody is trapped and hurting!  Mark releases the surfboard, allowing Woody to recover and regroup as the bodybuilder flexes over him!  Woody gets up and lands clubbing forearm blows on the back and pecs of the musclehunk, but Mark Muscle just smiles as if to say “is that all you got?”  Another forearm blow, but this time Mark catches it, spinning the rookie around into another full nelson!  Once again, Woody is trapped as his body is stretched out!  With a speed belying his massive size, Mark switches the nelson to a front bearhug, lifting Woody off the mat and trash talking him as he drives his huge forearms into the small of Woody’s back!  Mark Muscle drops Woody to the mat, clamping his hands around the rookie’s throat in a choke!  Woody fires blows into his pecs, eventually forcing the muscle beast off!

Mark Muscle stands and glares at Woody, bouncing his massive pecs as he tries to intimidate the smaller man!  Woody answers with a jumping attack, latching himself onto Mark’s back, trying to sleeper him out!  Mark just flexes and throws Woody over his shoulder to the mat, following him down and CRUSHING his skull between his bare hands!  Woody is in agony as Mark Muscle strips him of his shorts and applies a DEVASTATING Boston Crab!  Woody frantically slaps the mat over and over again!  Mark decides to test Woody’s flexibility even more, grabbing his head and leg and pulling the two together!  The human spine is not supposed to bend that way!  “Does that feel good?” Mark Muscle sneers as Woody suffers!  The bodybuilder further punishes his opponent’s spine, scooping Woody up and draping him over his massive quad in a backbreaker!  Woody is nearly out from the pain, but Mark Muscle is nowhere near done – his huge lats glisten with sweat as he squeezes Woody in another rib-bending bearhug!  A PILEDRIVER has Woody writhing on the mats – and the match is far from over!

Can Woody find the bodybuilder’s weakness and snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat?  Or will Mark Muscle’s power prove too much for the rookie to handle?  Add this trial-by-muscle match to your collection now!