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XFrame vs Cameron Mathews - Rough & Ready 11A

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Well you wanted more BIG vs Little match ups and this one is REALLY big XFrame at 230 lbs. vs Cameron Mathews 165 lbs. Cameron comes in all cocky as a seasoned pro indie wrestler but XFrame has been lifting weights for years and is all power. This is a brutal match up in size differences. They start out with some size comparisons on muscles, then switch into a mercy contest. Then it's safe to say things start to go downhill for Cameron. He finds himself trapped in bone crushing bearhugs and body scissors and a clothesline that almost rips his head off. XFrame has no real wrestling experience but he trained with Johnny Bravo to learn power moves! So if you like the cockiness of Zman with 20 inch arms and massive bodybuilder body then XFrame is going to be perfect for you to watch as he destroys the competition!