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Zman, Marty Party & Lex vs Big Sexy, Dominic & Cameron Mathews - Battlespace 27

Zman, Marty Party & Lex vs Big Sexy, Dominic & Cameron Mathews - Battlespace 27

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

In our first-ever six-man tag team elimination match, we pit Z-Man, Marty Party, and Lex (aka Two and a Half Men) against Big Sexy, Dominic, and Cameron Mathews (aka the Raging Cherries). Z-Man, team captain for the Men, issues the challenge. Big Sexy, captain of the Cherries, takes it up and promises to take out the opposition one by one by half, as Big Sexy and his men pop their cherry bombs (biceps) for the camera. Sexy and Lex are first on the mat, and Sexy has no problem hoisting little Lex up high in the air and smashing him to the mat. Then he stretches him out and offers him to his teammates to slap on the chest. Dominic takes the opportunity for a cheap shot, but Cam begs off, claiming, Its too early to be an asshole. But for some things it's never too early. Lex soon gets to go one-on-one with Dominic. He gets a takedown, cheered by his teammates, but Dominic muscles his way to the top, crushing the smaller wrestlers waist between his iron thighs. Z-Man rescues his man, hoisting Dom up on his right shoulder for a backbreaker, but the advantage switches yet again when Cam tags in, determined to make Z the first to tap out. But Z has other plans, with a stormy reversal that puts Mathews on the defensive, begging for somebody to tag him out. With the pro star beaten down, Z-Man tosses him to Marty Party to finish off. Party puts some more hurt on pretty-boy Cam before sharing him with his teammates for some against-the-pole triple teaming. There's a little bit of everything in this wild melee: body slams, camel clutches, surfboards, even a heave-ho battering ram. The Cherries make the first elimination, but then, a minute or two later, they lose one of their star players by tapout. In the end, it's two on one. Then with a low blow and outside interference, its one on one, with all the eliminated wrestlers in the pool, shouting encouragement to their men and keeping the fight going among themselves. It's a nail-biter ending you won't want to miss, with all the rules thrown overboard (literally).