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Zman vs Adrik - Battlespace 131

$ 30.00

"What's up shorty? So you're the strong little guy huh? Let's see what you got!" taunts the 6'2" Adrik circling his prey. "You talking to me? Better watch that smile, or I'll WIPE it off of you!" threatens Zman. The muscle hunks tie up as the giant lifts the vet in a massive shoulder carry and drops to his knees CRUSHING Zman's ripped abs as he groans in pain! "Stay down! Think you're strong?" Adrik wraps his powerful pythons around the muscle stud in back to back tight full nelsons taking him down. Zman struggles to stand, "You wanna be on my center stage? It's personal now!" The muscle giant is just getting started and picks up the vet squatting him with ease. With Zman helpless to escape, Adrik tosses him to the mat and delivers a grueling FIGURE-FOUR leg lock! "No, not that!" "Tap!" The vet screams in pain as he frantically tries to escape; he finally is able to reverse the hold giving the giant a taste of his own medicine! "I have never seen a tall guy do that!" groans Zman as both muscle hunks stumble to their feet. Adrik sees red and retaliates with a brutal belly to back bearhug SQUEEZING the vet so hard he collapses on the mat completely exhausted. Both titans lay on their backs gasping for air, but Zman is first to strike with a crippling camel clutch, "Tap out!" "Let me go!" Adrik's long back is stretched to its limits, but he refuses to submit. The battle to see who taps first intensifies! Back-handed chops to the abs, a fireman's carry, takedowns, and a giant size camel clutch have Zman in agony on the brink of tapping out! "What's it gonna take?" asks the frustrated giant. The vet barrels in lifting the 210 pounder in a massive front bearhug; Adrik screams in pain CLUBBING his captor's chiseled back until the torturous hold is released. With the muscle giant down on the mat, Zman drives his knee into his back and YANKS back on his powerful pythons, "Give up!" orders the vet. "No!" With neither side giving an inch, the muscle hunks lock up in a mercy challenge. Their bulging biceps strain under the viselike grips as Zman crumbles to the mat under the giant's power! Adrik wraps his meathook hands around the vet's throat in a two-handed choke SQUEEZING until his victim nearly passes out. "Come here!" The giant rolls the muscle stud over in a leg-breaking Boston crab! Zman's face is pure torture; unable to handle the excruciating pain, he feverishly taps out, "I give, ahh my back!" The vet soon recovers and wants revenge! A crushing side headlock leads to a brutal rear bearhug as Zman SHAKES the giant like a rag doll then wraps him up in a tight full nelson, "Give up! How you like that big man?" Adrik refuses to submit finally escaping but is totally gassed out. "I'm done with you!" yells Zman as he starts to walk off the mat. "I don't think so. I wanna see you tap!" The giant grabs his victim halting his escape as the battle continues: an ab stretch, bearhugs, full nelsons, chokelift, a TORTURE RACK! One muscle hunk is so badly beaten, he tries to tap out, but it's too late. The devious winner isn't happy until his opponent lay passed out on the mat for a final 1-2-3 count. You think it's over, but it's about to get much worse! "I'm gonna break him!" A dark side emerges as the torturer lifts his motionless victim, curls him across his chest, and delivers backbreaker after backbreaker SHATTERING whatever bones he has left!