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Zman Big Sexy headlock pecs chest abs arms

Zman vs Big Sexy Bathroom Battle - No Holds Barred 38

$ 34.75

Two of Thunders Arenas most popular wrestlers beat the crap out of each other in a wet, wild, no holds barred, smoking hot match in a luxury bathroom. These two muscular studs strip each other down to bikini briefs and punish each other in the sink, the shower, the tub and the floor. The action starts because Big Sexy is furious that pretty boy Z-Man is shaving in Big Sexys bathroom. Big Sexy picks Z-man up, drops him on the sink and chokes the hell out of him. A headlock, a half nelson and a full nelson quickly follow. Big Sexy sees that Z-man is wearing his trunks and peels them off, leaving Z-Mans smoking hot, centerfold quality body in only a skimpy pair of underwear. Big Sexy continues his humiliating domination of the now almost naked Z-Man with gut punches, a pec claw, a head butt to the abs, a solid cheap shot to Z-Mans manhood and a full nelson. Desperate to stop the abusive beating from the national wrestling champion, Z-Man sprays Big Sexy in the face with a bathroom product. The powerful Big Sexy momentarily stunned, Z-man jumps on his back and applies a sleeper. Z-man gets Big Sexy down and strips off Big Sexys trunks. Feeling cocky, Z-Man rubs Big Sexys trunks in his face while applying a sleeper on the wrestling champ, he then reaches down and gives Big Sexys some more dirty tricks with a good squeeze, putting Big Sexy in a world of pain. Continuing his domination, Z-man wraps a towel around Big Sexys neck and pulls him backwards into the tub, giving us a close up of Big Sexys package, which is barely contained by the skimpy briefs. Big Sexy breaks out and gets Z-Man into the shower, puts him up against the wall and pounds Z-Mans abs with punches so powerful. Z-man escapes by choking Big Sexy with the handle of a brush. Then he returns the gut punching, slamming Big Sexys rock solid abs with punch after punch. Then Z-man turns on the shower and these two muscle hunks get soaking wet, their skimpy briefs clinging to their muscular asses. Displaying his impressive power and ability to totally dominate an opponent, Big Sexy picks Z-Man up and shoves his body against the shower glass, then he puts Z-Man into a half nelson with one arm, as he walks him out of the shower. Its an amazingly hot display of power and physical domination. Then he dumps Z-Man in the tub and sprays him down, keeping the magazine models almost naked, totally hot body soaking wet. Z-Man again resorts to his old tricks and clocks Big Sexy with a shampoo bottle. Then he hoses down the big guy and threatens to shave his beard. Big Sexy rallies and applies a belly to belly bear hug. Z-man retaliates by getting the bigger wrestler on his back after a shot to the balls. Using a plastic waste bucket on Z-Mans head, Big Sexy drags Z-man back into the tub. Then Big Sexy lays Z-Man out on the sink and gives the pretty boy a brutal submission hold, carries him to the shower and slams his back into the door frame. But Z-man grabs a brush and uses it to subdue Big Sexy. Realizing he has the momentum, Z-Man punishes Big Sexy mercilessly. Z-Man tortures Big Sexy into final submission by putting a towel over his face and spraying it with water. Even the powerful and dominant Big Sexy has to give, leaving the victorious and cocky Z-Man to return to his shave. This match is non-stop, totally hot, wet and wild shower action. You gotta see this.