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Zman Big Sexy choke headlock arms biceps

Zman vs Big Sexy - Custom Video Series 07

$ 25.95


Custom Knockout Video

WARNING -The most brutal domination ever seen at Thunders Arena. The stove top that was used to knockout Zman was real and broken for real when Zman's head smashed threw the stove top. You gotta see this to believe it. This was real extreme wrestling, not acting. Big Sexy methodically delivers a humiliating beating to the handsome Z-man, putting his amazing power and unrivaled mat skills on display. He punishes Z-mans muscular body with bear hugs, body slams, back breakers, a pile driver and some incredible gut punching, even UPSIDE DOWN gut punching where Big Sexy holds Zman against the wall upside down while gut punching him, then throwing the pretty boy around with ease.  Big Sexy leaves no doubt that he is the master of the mat as he punishes the hapless Z-man using a police baton, a belt and even a dog collar and chains to humiliate and totally own him. This incredible punishment goes on for a full thirty minutes. Big Sexy is wearing some new trunks that showcase his magnificent body nicely.  He looks very big, very sexy and very intimidating as he easily dominates Z-man. Big Sexy does plenty of posing and flexing, showing off his handsome face and beautifully muscled body while Z-man lies unconscious on the mat. If you are a Big Sexy fan, this is a must buy. If not, you will be after you watch Z-man endure the painful wrath of this sexy, powerful, wrestling champion, who doesnt tolerate disrespect.