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Zman vs Big Sexy - Halloween Havoc 2010B

$ 30.00

Zman's back ready to celebrate Halloween, trying on his new fireman costume he admires how it looks. Then in comes Big Sexy who quickly discovers Zman has taken his pumpkin without his permission. Well that is never going to fly and the two of them start beating on each other with one simple goal, Pumpkin war! What is a pumpkin war? The rules are simple... to win you must destroy the other man's pumpkin while fighting to defend your pumpkin from being destroyed as well. Plus this is a Halloween match so Mr. Mike allows the fighters to use weapons. Anything they can find laying around the mat is free to be used as weapon to gain the advantage. Well these two have no love loss for each other as you remember Zman beat Big Sexy in there first meeting back in Mat Rats 14, well now it's time for Big Sexy's revenge! He shows off a lot of his MMA skills by putting Zman in various leg holds and body locks with a few bearhugs. Zman returns the favor with Boston crabs and ankle locks but you will never believe your eyes at how Big Sexy gets the advantage with the chains. He even walks Zman around the mat like a PET DOG! That is JUST the start of the humiliation action. Don't worry Zman isn't going to stand for that action long and he counters with one of the most vicious, cheating, full nelson body scissors you will NOT soon forget because of what happens next! The gut punching Zman does as he pins Big Sexy to the wall is amazing to watch. I can't give it away but you don't want to miss this video because the humiliation at the end is so crazy, you won't believe your eyes! These two pritty boys are tough and brutal to each other in ways you never thought possible. To put it clearly one person is going to be covered in pumpkin guts, which smells horrible. NOT TO BE MISSED if you like humiliation endings.