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Zman vs Big Sexy - Mat Rats 14B

Zman vs Big Sexy - Mat Rats 14B

$ 25.95

Zman is world famous for being a ladies man, but watch out he has finally got someone to challenge him and take him down for him king spot in Thunder's Arena.  Introducing Big Sexy who is all attitude and awesome wrestling skills.  This mat war starts out with Zman attacking Big Sexy by SLAPPING him in the FACE!  Talk about ultimate insult, well this just triggers a war that is awesome to watch.  Big Sexy has raw power to just pick Zman up like he is 125 lbs weakling and start tossing him all over the mat with amazing skills  These two really get locked into long held mat holds like body scissors and head scissors and really twist and turn there way around each other's bodies on the mat.  Zman gets slapped into a dragon sleeper that is just amazing to watch but flips out and breaks free only to get trapped in a cradle. If you love classic mat work this is your type of match with lots of crazy holds and even a few dirty tricks by Zman like a low blow to get the edge after he was put in a humiliating surfboard hold.  Zman man comes back with figure 4 leg lock that really puts Big Sexy in pain on the mat.  There is real hard hitting action in this match with extreme pain done to both men!  Really great sleeper hods and even a few 5 point tosses really keep you on the edge of your seat as to who will survive to win!