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Zman Big Sexy arm lock abs pecs chest

Zman vs Big Sexy Revenge - No Holds Barred 06

$ 30.00

Big Sexy is out to get his revenge on Zman after their last match at Halloween. Zman brags about smearing pumpkin all over Big Sexy. Big Sexy grabs Zman and wrestles him to the mat and stretches his arm back behind him. He pulls Zman up and somehow manages to fold him in half while carrying him around. When Big Sexy drops him on the mat, Zman gets away from him. The two lock up as Big Sexy palms Zman's head like a basketball and pushes him around the mat by his head. After it seems that Big Sexy is never going to let go of Zman's head, he lets go only after he has him locked up tight in a body scissors. He turns Zman over onto his stomach and twists his arm behind his back and holds it there for a long time. After tormenting Zman for a while longer, Big Sexy picks him up by the neck into a bearhug. He drops Zman on the mat, then grabs his arms and pulls him back up so he can punish Zman more with repeated pec claws. He uses dirty tricks to pick Zman up into a very painful embarrassing hold. Big Sexy taunts Zman after he drops him on the mat, then picks him up into a reverse bearhug. Big Sexy takes turn stretching Zman's arms back behind him, followed by more painful dirty tricks. While Zman is writhing in pain on the mat, Big Sexy continues to torture him with peck claws. He digs into Zman's pecs and picks him up over his head, then drops him. Big Sexy gets Zman in a schoolboy pin, then rolls him over and leg scissors his head. Big Sexy grabs Zman arms and stretches them back over his head, then reaches down and grabs Zman's ankle, pulling his legs up into a painful banana split. Zman gets away briefly, only to have Big Sexy push him up against the wall and start gut punching him. Zman manages to get the upper hand and grabs Big Sexy's legs. He stands on one leg while stretching the other out. Zman keeps jerking Big Sexy's leg out several times. Zman come up behind Big Sexy and grabs him, getting him down on his back where he torture him with painful pec claws. Big Sexy manages to overpower Zman, grabs his arm, and twists it backwards. He grabs Zman's leg, then pulls him up into a boston crab. After letting him go, Big Sexy surprises Zman and grabs him again with more dirty tricks. Without letting go, Big Sexy picks Zman up and throws him back down on the mat. Big Sexy flexes and poses for the camera while Zman is lying on the mat recovering. Big Sexy grabs Zman again and picks him up to drop him into an over the knee back breaker. After more dirty trick, Big Sexy shoves Zman back down, then grabs his arm and twists it back behind him all while digging his knee into Zman's back. Lots more dirty tricks, more stretching, then Big Sexy has Zman stretched out by one arm and one leg. He follows all that up with a boston crab that includes more painful humiliation. After he lets Zman go for a while, Big Sexy comes back and gets Zman's head in a leg scissors, then grabs him and drags him around the mat while humiliating him. Big Sexy continues to dominate Zman, stretching him into several humiliating positions. He drags him around the mat, stopping occasionally to punish him with more dirty tricks. While they are wrestling around Big Sexy discovers Zman is wearing a pair of his trunks under his own. Big Sexy starts gut punching Zman as punishment. He pulls him up and stretches him across his back while torturing him with more dirty tricks. He puts Zman up onto his shoulders in a firemans carry, then drops him on the mat and begins gut punching him. After a lot more punishment, Big Sexy carries Zman outside and puts him up against a post and starts gut punching him. Zman kicks Big Sexy and puts him up against the post and starts returning the favor with a several gut punches. The two wrestlers go at this for quite a while, taking turns gut punching each other. Suddenly, Cody, a new wrestler show up and joins in...