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Zman vs Conan with Big Sexy - Mat Wars 21B

$ 34.75

Many fans have written into me that they wanted to see Conan trash talk better and talk more during his matches. Well I decided to hire Big Sexy to teach Conan how to trash talk better in his matches. So when they were on their way to the garage to practice, Zman comes along and stops them. Seems he heard about this gig and was mad I didn't hire him to teach Conan to trash talk as he thinks he's the best talker in Thunder's Arena. So he confronts the big man, Conan, about learning from a loser like Big Sexy. This pisses off Conan and he goes on the attack. You really have never seen Conan as mad or upset as he was in this match. He HATES Zman and didn't hold back as he does everything in his power to destroy the pretty boy and knock the arrogance right out of him. There are over presses repeatedly, there are bone crushing bearhugs, and body scissors you won't believe. Plus he does something we never have seen with a school boy pin combined with a HEAD scissors while he flexes over Zman! It's amazing! The whole match Big Sexy is right there helping to encourage the big man to talk it up and funny come backs to mouth off to Zman's never ending talking! This is really a great Christmas present for yourself as it is brutal, funny, and amazing to watch Conan's power in action as he tries to trash talk more with Big Sexy's help. You don't want to miss it! It's an all out brawl and the best part is this match is over 30 minutes long!