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Zman Dallas water match pool choke sleepers hold arms chest

Zman vs Dallas - Custom Video Series 2

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Six-foot-three Dallas is what used to be called in cowboy circles a long drink of water, so we might excuse him for thinking he can lord it over Thunders swimming pool. Z-Man has other ideas, of course. Angry words are exchanged as the guys jockey for position, but a knee to the crotch starts the scuffle. You might know it would be Z-Man doing the honorsnever one to refrain from aiming low or fighting dirty. He grabs a fistful of Dallass hair and jerks him up off the mat, only to land a right jab on the mans nose. Serious stuff! The blow drives Dallas back against a column, and hes still shaking cobwebs loose when Zack flies in and grips him by the throat, thumbs clamping the adams apple. Z spits out the words You ought to know better than to hang out at MY pool. He then sinks a dozen stiff punches into Dallass abs, bringing the tall man down to his knees. About the time Zmaan hops on Dallass back and starts strangling him with a stretch cord, its clear this fight is going to be a whole lot nastier than the usual battles we see at the Arena. Dallas backs into the column to break Zacks grip and then retaliates with three sharp knuckle sandwiches to the cover boys kisser. Hard to predict this brawls long-term results to Zs modeling career, but hes not looking pretty right now. Fans of chokes and punches will have plenty to write home aboutand good look on keeping count of the times hair gets pulled.  Z-Mans initial aggression unleashes a tiger in the strong and usually easygoing Dallas. At one point, Dallas straddles Zacks waist and shoves the mans head backwards into the pool water. Air burbles up to the surface, as Zs legs kick furiously and helplessly. And you wont believe where the (literally) breathtaking action goes from hereas close to a life-and-death struggle as you are apt to see this side of an action movie. Were going to have to put a warning sticker on this one for aquaphobesbut for the rest of you guys, not afraid to get your hair a little mussed up, this balls-to-the-wall battle is one for the books!