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Zman vs Frank the Tank - Mat Rats 15

$ 31.25

Newly released from our vault

Zman is a little intimidated by franks huge build, so he tries to talk things out with Frank.  "SMACK!" Frank hits him square in the chest putting his hands on the "Z" property.   Zman won't STAND FOR THAT KIND OF ABUSE.  Yet, before he can open his mouth Frank shows off his power yanking him from the ground and squeezing the life out of Zman.   Gorilla pressing him then slamming him onto the mat from like 7 feet in the air and while Zman is trying to catch his breath moaning after that power slam Frank rips off Zmans gym shorts.  This brutal action continues as Frank crushes Zman with bearhugs.   Zman is like a toy against the power of Frank, Zman has never experienced this much pain and humiliation.   Zman even tries to gut punch Frank almost breaking his hand. Frank laughs it off and continues his brutal beat down.  Zman jumps on Franks back trying to choke him out.  What happens next is shocking!  This match up is filled with your favorite moves, like camel clutch, tons of power lifts, more bearhugs, then without warning Frank gives Zman the razors edge over and over dropping Zman on his neck!  After getting caught in over the knee back breakers,  upside down bearhugs, reverse bearhugs, a tombstone like I haven't seen since Kyle Stevens dropped Diesel on his neck! Frank may have ended Zman's wrestling career in holds that makes you cringe and choke lifts that make you gasp for mercy.  Brutal stuff to watch, not for the faint of heart.