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Zman vs Johnny Bravo - Battlespace 12A

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Zman vs Johnny Bravo

The match is in full color, we just did a black and white promo for a different look and style. Outstanding! A muscle showdown you have been waiting to see! Johnny Bravo totally dominates and destroys Z-man. Bone crushing bearhugs, rib snapping body scissors, gut punching, lifts, chokes, power slams, gorilla slams, everything you love to watch! This match is by far the most brutal match we have filmed, Johnny Bravo shows Z-man no mercy. This match is in your face fierce and mean with lots of yelling in your face type action. Bravo even steps on Z-man's head where we thought he was going to stomp him, but he restrains himself and flexes for the camera instead. Warning if you don't like intense in your face domination matches, go someplace else, this is intense and absolutely brutal to watch. This match is 32 min done in our new HD quality download!