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Zman Kyle Stevens head lock arms biceps

Zman vs Kyle Stevens Rematch - Mat Wars 30

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Newly released from our vault

Kyle Stevens steps in on Z-Mans promo for the Zooglethe next big thing in beach fun, so Zack claims. Stevens is unimpressed with the green and black stick whose chief selling point is that its name begins

with Z. Z-Man, as full of himself as ever, just thinks Stevens isn't smart enough to see the genius of the toy, which leads the hulking muscle god to find a makeshift use for the Zoogle thwacking it across Zmans chest. Latching on to the would-be inventor with a rear bearhug, Kyle gloats, Now THIS is a game! So maybe its Z-Man himself whos going to be the next new summertime diversion. Against Stevens massive brawn, Zack looks like a rag doll though a spectacularly built one. Were beginning to think Wham-O better watch its ass, since, frankly, Beat the Shit Out of Z-Man might be more fun than a whole room full of Frisbees. Kyle Stevens takes turns crushing Z-Mans ribs in his massive arms and caning his back and shoulders. Just when it looks like the smaller scrapper might rebound, Stevens roughly shoves him face down to the mat and administers some humiliating noogies on the head. Enraged, Z-Man lashes back, driving Stevens against the concrete block wall and attempting to tenderize the mans rock-solid abs with a savage volley of flying fists and high kicks. He then wraps up the big brute in a figure-four neck lock, using the Zoogle to choke. His face going veiny and beet red, Stevens may think twice before insulting Z-Mans brainchild again. Z-Man goes absolutely nutzoid, pounding Kyle while the man is down and apparently defenseless, but then slowly and surely Stevens pushes himself back up on his feet and by the look on his face, he is done playing games now and there's going to be hell to pay for Z-Man and the Zoogle alike.

Surprise bonus match included when you buy the DVD!