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Lupe mounts Zman to go for a sleeper hold or perhaps a choke from behind in Thunders Arena

Zman vs Lupe - Mat Wars 45

$ 31.25

The self-proclaimed best in the business Zman looks fantastic, and hes primed for a comeback at Thunders Arena. Latino lover Lupe also returns to the Arena after too long an absence, flying in from Los Angeles specifically for Mat Wars 45, he tells us. Both wrestlers are supercharged about taking each other on. They have always been camera-friendly and easy to look at, equally great self-promoters and great athletes. This time its all about b-u-s-i-n-e-s-s. Zman and Lupe are vying for a lions share of the fans wallets, each one hogging the camera to push his own line of videos and Thunders Arena merch.

At the peak of their competing sails pitches, the two lock fingers for a test of strength. Six-foot-four Lupe, a towering hunk of manliness, pushes Z to his knees, but incredibly Z gets back up, determinedly pushing forward, and after a strenuous struggle the contest is arguably a draw. A shouting match ensues, with Zman proclaiming himself the moneymaker! the face! the franchise! and Lupe dismissing him as a has-been, the fucking Ric Flair of Thunders. Its a hotblooded blowup between Cubanismo and Mexicano-hasta-las-cachas, with Zman promising to send Lupes ass back to Telemundo. Expect fireworks in this one, folks, squeezed between mirroring exclamation marks.

How is it even possible for the dashing Cuban-American to hold his own against a muscle-tsunami like Lupe? In no time, the Latino lover has the Zman in a chicken-wing hold and a killer side-headlock. Zman threatens retaliation, but Lupe keeps him occupied (read: incapacitated) for most of the fight. Refusing to submit, Z bounces back for more. Lupe forces him down to the mat, where he nearly grinds his opponents ear raw. Then, snatching him up by his hair, Lupe locks him in an agonizing full nelson. Look at this grip! Lupe exults. How can we not? Few wrestlers know how to dismantle an opponent with this kind of efficiency and exuberance. But Zmans staying power is just as impressive. Somehow he latches onto Lupes fingers, pries himself loose, and reverses the hold.

But Zmans hope spot is soon exhausted. Lupe lifts him off his feet and smashes him down ... HARD. Next he bear-hugs the guy. We can only imagine the nerve-jangling pain Lupes guns inflict on a mans ribcage. Its not just a steady squeeze either. Lupe cranks it up a few notches, with seismic jerks, digging his knuckles into the Zmans spine. Then he tosses Z up on his broad shoulders for an airplane spin and then drops him. Zman writhes on the mat at his feet. Lupe straddles his victims body, slams the guys wrists to the mat, and buries him alive in a schoolboy pin. Lupe rolls away, but immediately smashes Zman with a knee drop. He head-scissors Z between rock-hard thighs. The Zman never surrenders. Miraculously he escapes the scissors hold. He launches himself into Lupe and starts strangling him, even managing a two-count. But JUST two counts!

The fight swings from power flexing to gorilla pummeling and then back to flexing biceps. In the last half of Mat Wars 45 Lupe targets Z-Mans ligaments, busting Zs vertebrae against his knee and wrenching the guys shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints. Breathing through gritted teeth, Lupe batters the Zman down to paste with an unforgiving series of blows and elbow smashes. He zeroes in on Zmans arms and hair, and the question soon becomes not whether Zman can win but whether he can survive this Herculean beatdown!