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Zman grabs Marco with a side headlock in Thunders Arena

Zman vs Marco - No Holds Barred 58

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

This match is brutal, filled with pain and domination! Zman and Marco are outside on the mats, trying to out macho one another in an arm wrestling competition. They’re both fighting really hard, and Zman comes out on top, Marco immediately challenges him to the best two out of three, and then wins the second round. The third round is for the champion, but they don’t quite make it that far, Zman decides the only real way to decide the champion is to wrestle for real. They’re both pumped up and ready to go, not wanting to lose the competition. Zman comes out strong, crushing Marco’s head in his muscular arms in a choke hold. Marco’s able to break free after a minute and yanks Zman’s arm back into an arm bar, putting all the pain on his shoulders. Marco then knocks Zman down to the mat, while they’re down there, Marco goes for his favorite unexpected move, where he starts to ball claw Zman. Zman’s in a ton of pain and is pissed off. He’s calling Marco out and saying he’s ready to play the cheap shot game too when Marco throws an elbow up at Zman’s balls again. Two shots in a row and Zman is out of commission, he’s seeing stars and that’s when Marco starts to really take advantage of him. He pulls Zmans back into a painful camel clutch, and then rolls him over on the mat to sit on his face in Marco’s signature schoolboy pin. He’s yelling at Zman to say he loves his balls in his face, when Zman whips his legs up around Marco’s neck to throw him down on the mat. He gives Marco a ball claw of his own before standing up and stomping on his balls!! While Marco’s howling in pain, Zman then body slams down onto Marco, gives him a rough headbutt and starts to walk off his own pain while Marco’s laying there suffering. Both guys have endured some serious pain to their nether regions and are even more pumped up about proving they’re the strongest. Marco comes at Zman quick and picks him up over his shoulders into a rack, where he can break and pull at his body. He drops Zman down to the and picks him up by the legs, where he starts spinning Zman around in an impressive show of strength. Zman is dumbfounded and dizzy, completely helpless as Marco is throwing him around like a rag doll. While Marco’s getting cocky, Zman retaliates and flips Marco over, to clamp down on him in head scissors. Zman doesn’t take ball claws too lightly and he’s serious about hurting Marco. He then starts to pick Marco up and slam him down on his knee a number of times, crushing Marco’s balls. He puts Marco into a reverse headlock and bends him down backwards to the mat before taking another shot at Marco’s balls. This match is nonstop action of pain as Zman and Marco go at each other for real. Who will come out on top? And who will be left in a pile of… eggs!?!? Buy today to find out