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Mean Mike chokes Zman with a camel clutch/chokehold combo in Thunders Arena

Zman vs Mean Mike - Mat Wars 48

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Here we have the Battle of the Fitness Physiques, two handsome, charismatic and superbly conditioned athletes...but there's only room for ONE of 'em in this town!Without much adoo, Mike hurls ZMan to the mat and climbs on top of him, trapping him in an inverted headlock that puts serious strain on the neck and shoulders.Mike totally manhandles ZMan , riding him in collegiate wresting style. ZMan tries to get Mike into a cradle, but there's too much Mean muscle for that "small package" strategy.Mike scores a reversal and immobilizes ZMan's striated delts, while wrapping his big quads around ZMan's midsection. Mean is the word for Mike's sadistic torque on ZMan's shoulder, head and neck,which are wrenched.ZMan muscles out, and gets on top of Mike, chest to chest, with his legs around him, Mike's face buried in ZMan's powerful pecs and pungent armpit, suffocating. Mike's last resort is to lock his legs around ZMan, butthat only results in a brutal bearhug, and Mike's summarily tossed to the hard mat.As the two lock-up again, Mike pulls ZMan's leg out from under him, then wraps his mighty thighs around ZMan's torso. But ZMan grabs Mike by the ankles and flips him over...locking on a devastating submission hold:a front facelock which disfigures Mike's handsome features and has him howling in agony. Mike's big arm is trapped as well, he's being choked out, and ZMan's assault increases as he plants a foot in Mike's back and stretches his shoulders nearly out of the sockets, hyperextending his elbow in the process. Only when sufficient pain has been delivered does ZMan relent.Without the formality of a lock-up, ZMan grabs Mike behind the knee and drops him to the mat, then speedily applies a sadistic camel clutch, with Mike's back arched in pain as ZMan sits into the hold to increase the agony.After not one, not two, but THREE killer elbow drops to Mike's injured back, ZMan hauls his stunned opponent up to his feet, and then over his knee into a vicious backbreaker, with elbows to Mike's abs. Rolling Mike onto the mat, ZMan kicks him in the back and plants his foot there, adding another painful shoulder stretch to prolong Mike's suffering.ZMan hauls Mike to his feet and delivers a damaging kidney punch, then a bear hug on Mike...with a rear naked choke to wear the big man down. Adding an ab stretch, he forces Mike to groan in pain and collapse to the mat. With his legs crushing Mike's midsection, he order's Mike to flex, but he's too damaged to comply.Rising very woozily to his feet, Mike is defenseless against ZMan's renewed ab stretch, applied with a vengeance - with an ab claw to ramp up the pain..and Mike falls in a heap to the mat.Barely able to lock-up again, Mike stuns ZMan by driving him to the mat and jumping on top of him, and applying a classic Boston Crab, with rear naked choke in addition. Is Mike going to put ZMan to sleep?! Not yet at least, as Mike takes revenge on ZMan by brutalizing his back.Now it's ZMan who's slow to rise, and Mike delivers a kick to the ribs then hoists ZMan up to his shoulders, only to slam him hard to the mat below. Jumping on top of ZMan, Mike has a chokehold on his rival, and as ZMan struggles, he only manages to find himself in a punishing pretzel position, with the Sleeper threatening to end this match.Will Mike's incredible stamina and power emerge victorious over ZMan's experience, skill and agility? Which Physique Champion will rule the day?