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MXD and Zman flex and show off to eachother in Thunders Arena

Zman vs MXD - Rough & Ready 69

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

We are introduced to the new giant on the roster with a panning shot starting at his feet and moving aaaaaaaall the way up his 6'7 frame. MXD has stepped onto the mat and Zman is offended that he has stepped onto his mat. The newcomer isnt having it and immediately puts Zman in a choke hold, holding him high above his head before dropping him to the mat. MXD doesnt stop there, he moves into a headlock and then a brutal camel clutch, where Zmans back just cant take it anymore and he taps out. The not-so-gentle-giant grabs Zman by the hair and an arm and spins him around the mat before putting him in another camel clutch and forcing a second submission. MXD puts his knee in Zmans back, grabs a fist full of hair and pulls. Zman objects saying I wasnt ready! and MXD lets him up. Zman challenges MXD and before long, it looks like his mouth wrote a check he cant cash, because he is back in a headlock and being smeared around the mat. The trash talking pretty boy, Zman attempts a bearhug, but MXD is too tall for Zman to lift off his feet an reverses the move before throwing Zman over his shoulder and then into an upside down bearhug. Zman keeps yelling, Put me down! Put me down! but MXD taunts him by using only one arm and bouncing him in his grip. MXD throws Zman to the mat and sticks his knee in his back, again asking for the submission. When Zman doesnt comply, he moves to a camel clutch before getting the submission and pushing him away. Once back on his feet, Zman rushes MXD, but is met with a choke lift and thrown to the mat again. Zman gets up and rushes in again, and once again gets choke lifted and thrown down. And incredibly, Zman tries it for a third time and is for a third time, lifted off the ground and thrown to the mat again. MXD puts his knee in Zmans chest and flexes before letting him up once again and choke lifting for an incredible fourth time in a row. Zman can barely stay on his feet and MXD helps him by gorilla pressing him, not once, but twice before throwing him back down. MXD leans down and flexes over his limp opponent. Zman is exhausted from his lifts and drops and lays there, broken and unresponsive. MXD uses Zmans own hand to slap the mat as he counts, 1...2...3! It seems that MXD has clearly won and he walks away. But just then, Marco slides onto the mat next to Zman and attempts to rouse his friend with water as he towels the sweat from his body. Zman regains his composure but is enraged that Marco interfered and thought he needed help and throws his sweaty towel in Marcos face. MXD returns to the mat and he and Zman tie up again, but Zman has had enough of the abuse and knees MXD in the gut, unleashes a borage of gut punches and finishes by throwing the big guy over his shoulder in a firemans carry. Marco rushes in and drop kicks Zman in the gut, forcing him to crumple to the mat, dropping MXD who jumps to his feet and yells at Marco for interfering, saying I dont need your help. MXD makes quick work of Zman, pinning him, but turns his focus on Marco, challenging him to a match.