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Zman vs Rambo - Bodybuilder Battle 23

$ 34.75

Zack the Zman is back and he is on the war path! Fans have been writing into Thunder's Arena saying how Zman is all talk and NO show. Well this week Zman invited over another male model buddy of his called Rambo, who loves to play paint ball. Well we didn't have any paint ball guns so we gave the guys super soakers to go out back and hunt each other down. Rambo bested Zman in the grass and that ticked Zman off, tempers flare, and Zman attacks Rambo on our pool deck which leads to a pool battle where Zack get brutalized by Rambo's power AGAIN in ways we never saw coming. Well Zman isn't going to look bad on film after all the hate mail we got last month so he drags Rambo onto our mats and the war and egos really explode. You will see great racks, crucifix moves, and bearhugs and even a few sleeper holds you won't want to miss. These two really ticked each other off from this battle and Zman is out to show you the fans he does know how to wrestle and kick butt! Zman's out to make an example of Rambo you won't forget!