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Zman vs Scrappy - Rough & Ready 96

Zman vs Scrappy - Rough & Ready 96

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

It’s a beautiful day at the Thunder’s house and Scrappy decides to take advantage and head outside to the yard, resistance band in hand to get a good pump on!  Wearing his trademark skimpy yellow posers, Scrappy pumps, poses and flexes for the camera – and himself of course! “I wonder who’s going to try and challenge these muscles today” Scrappy wonders as he give the fans a close up of his bicep.  He soon gets his answer – “Step aside son, because Z-MAN is back in the building!”  Z-Man had heard that there were some new guys on the roster that he’s never wrestled before – including Scrappy!  Scrappy objects to the veteran wrestler coming onto his mat and showing off.  “What, you think you’re all that?”  The two men hurl insults and barbs at each other, tempers and egos rising until a sudden shove from Scrappy and the return match is on!

Scrappy catches Z-Man in a side headlock, smashing his face against his hard abs.  Z-Man slips out, applying a quick rear bearhug before switching to a choking headlock of his own!  Scrappy tries to escape as he gets his first taste of Z-Man’s skills, but to no avail.  Z-Man is all smiles as he releases the hold – “Me and Scrappy gonna scrap today – Z-Man style!”  They lock up again with Scrappy getting behind and clamping on a bearhug of his own, throwing Z-Man to the mat and slapping on a bodyscissors right across the veteran’s ribs!  Scrappy grabs Z-Man’s hair, pulling him back for the camera to see, Z-Man grimacing in pain as Scrappy puts the squeeze on him – but it’s not quite locked on right and Z-Man manages to roll out!  Another lock up and this time Z-Man manages to get behind Scrappy, wrapping his arms around his midsection and pulling him in tight for a rear bearhug.  Z-Man pulls hard, crushing Scrappy’s abs and restricting his breath!  Scrappy struggles, but Z-Man refuses to let go, taunting Scrappy and telling him to use his pythons and power out – so Scrappy does exactly that!  Both men have now had a taste of what the other can do – and what they can take!

A revenge rear bearhug from Scrappy has Z-Man wincing in pain, but he counters by reaching back for Scrappy’s head, dragging it forward into another headlock!  Z-Man converts the hold to a front facelock, taking Scrappy to the mat!  The wily veteran shows his speed as he whirls around and slaps on a chinlock, pulling back on Scrappy’s head!  Scrappy is screaming as Z-Man pulls back HARD – Scrappy can either give or have his head ripped off!  Scrappy submits! “Come on, get up” says Z-Man. “We’re not done yet”.  The cocky Z-Man gets in to the referee position, offering Scrappy a free shot – Scrappy isn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth and goes straight in with a full nelson!  Scrappy shoves Z-Man forward and sits square on his back, flexing and posing his hard-earned muscles.  Z-Man bucks him off, furious with himself and Scrappy – he lunges in for a lock up and immediately takes Scrappy down to the mat!  The returning wrestler is on fire as he wraps his legs around Scrappy’s neck for a FIGURE-FOUR!  Z-Man pulls his leg, his calf pressing against Scrappy’s throat!  But Scrappy escapes, and attacks Z-Man’s back with a Boston Crab!  These two are throwing everything against each other – throws, chokes, takedowns, headlocks, scissors, leg locks and so much more!  Scrappy’s body shines and glistens with sweat as he drives Z-Man’s back into the concrete pillar, clawing his pecs and punching his abs!  Z-Man retaliates with one of the tightest and most intense figure-four leg locks you will ever see!

This one is far from over and will keep you guessing right up to the incredible sleeper finish!  An awesome match between two of Thunder’s Arena’s best – get this match today!