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Zman Mr. Bruce over the knee backbreaker pecs chest arms

Zman vs Silverback & Zman vs Mr. Bruce - Battlespace 19

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Match 1 Zman vs Mr. Bruce

This match was a fan request to see these two wrestle. Keep those match ideas coming you never know when we might use your idea! Mr. Bruce flew down from up north to battle Zman and WOW this is good. They both really know how to trash talk and wrestle with lots of bearhugs, full nelsons, over the knee back breakers, head scissors, body scissors, it is a real back and forth battle. You don't get to see this win at all cost side of Zman very often so when it comes out WOW it's awesome to see him try and destroy an oppenent. Still Mr. Bruce is no push over he's all about sticking up for himself and breaking out of his old jobber persona from earlier matches in his life. This is a rare moment to watch two jobbers go at each other trying to break out of their stereotype to become a true superstar! What is with the gum? It plays a big part in the match, you'll have to watch the match and find out...


Match 2 Zman vs Silverback
Ever since Silverback took his first loss to Tony he's went back to the gym and I'm not kidding here trains 2Xs a day in the gym 5 days a week! He does hours of cardio and lefts weights everyday. One time we talked about his diet and he told me he eats nothing but protien and grapefruit to cut weight for his matches. That is how dedicated he is and wow with him coming back at a 40 pound weight loss it shows! That's right Silverback has shed 40 pounds and wanted to beat on Zman to show off his new body and speed and hyper attitude. He still has amazing upper body strength from all the bearhugs he throws Zman into this match. Silverback comes at Zman like a raged animal! During the filming of this match it looked like throw backs to Rick Flair back in the day when he would strut and destroy his oppenent. This is a great match with lots of mat work that I can't even describe, arm bars sometimes but they roll around a lot into different holds. Plus when Zman picked up Silverback and RAN him into the wood, that was NOT planned or expected...they just got that hot and angrey trying to kill each other in this match and the "gloves came off". It's a wild one to watch so don't say you weren't warned. Very intense!!