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Zman vs Talon - Custom Video Series 26

$ 25.00
$ 31.25

Zman’s in a real sadistic mood before his match, he finds himself a bottle of chloroform and attacks Talon from behind! Excited to start getting his revenge Zman knocks big guy Talon out with a cloth full of chloroform. While Zman is talking smack about the knocked out Talon, Talon starts to regain consciousness and try to get Zman. But the cloth is still in Zman’s hand and he just knocks him back out! Zman’s having a bunch of fun messing with Talon, giving him enough to barely knock him up, slapping him back awake, just to knock him back out again. This next time, Zman decides to take him out himself, and as Talon is waking up, he puts him in a tight headlock to knock him back out with his own muscles. ZMan is getting too cocky while Talon is waking up, and before Zman can knock him back out, Talon attacks! Talon’s pissed from being played with for so long and is not planning on holding back on Zman. He goes immediately for the crotch shot and steals the chloroform cloth from Zman and knocks him out. Talon’s happy to have the upper hand and is ready to start treating Zman the same. He slaps him awake just to knock him out with an extremely tight head lock, making sure Zman screams for a bit before he lets hims pass out. This is an aggressive match of pure sadistic cruelty. These two are not goofing off with each other and are trying to see how many times they can knock the other one out before they are knocked out for good. Buy the match today to see who will reign victorious after this brutal battle of chloroform and head locks.