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Zman vs Travis - Rough & Ready 77

$ 31.25

Travis is a new wrestler, he’s young, and he is absolutely ripped! Travis has a huge chest and extremely muscular body, he’s outside working on his tan and flexing when Zman comes around. Zman’s pissed to see someone on the mat just goofing off, the mat is for wrestling. Zman comes in to attack Travis but Travis quickly flips him around and pulls Zman into a painful full nelson. Zman is shocked how strong the new guy is, he’s totally helpless against fighting this iron grip of a full nelson. Zman tries flexing out multiple times but it’s no use, Travis’ muscles aren’t just for show, they’re strong and he’s trying to break Zman’s neck. Once Travis lets Zman go, he has to walk around and try to stretch his sore neck some before getting caught in another hold by Travis. Zman comes in to give Travis a punch, but Travis effortlessly turns Zman around into an arm bar and starts working away at Zman’s shoulder. Zman’s not so flexible as he used to be and he’s in total agony trying to fight against Travis. While Travis has Zman down on his knees, he quickly sits on top of his head to start crushing Zman’s face in his massive thighs. Travis drops to the mat to give Zman’s head some thrashing about, and while Zman’s yelling and screaming in pain, Travis sits up to start pounding his stomach with some quick and strong gut punches. Travis is having a blast, it’s his first time wrestling at Thunders and he’s just getting to absolutely destroy Zman. While Zman’s sitting on the mat Travis keeps up the domination and puts Zman into a camel clutch,yanking his neck back even harder than before. While he’s got Zman in a firm hold he starts to take turns yanking at his legs and torturing him from all angles. Zman’s struggling hard against the sheer might and strength of Travis but is seems useless. After some more torture, Zman sees an opening to retaliate, and quickly slips through Travis legs and jumps on top in a body slam. Zman’s finally got the upper hand and he is pissed about all the domination before hand. Is Zman’s newly acquired advantage going to be just the thing he needs to take down the massive Travis? Or will Travis quickly recover and continue dominating Zman oil the end?