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Zman vs Viking - Rough & Ready 97

Zman vs Viking - Rough & Ready 97

$ 31.25

Z-Man is back to take on the mighty Viking!

Viking has steamrollered his way through the opposition since he came to Thunder’s Arena, using his awesome stature and powerful physique to dominate all who have dared to get on the mats with him!  Today he’s taking it easy, catching some sun and practicing his posing – “Ain’t that a thing of beauty” he comments, as he runs his hands down his washboard stomach.  Suddenly a voice is heard out of shot and Z-Man enters, telling Viking that he’s flexing too hard and that he won’t “have any gas for the wrestling match!”  Z-Man flexes, showing off his honed body.  “This is where it’s at baby!”  Viking isn’t impressed as he continues to pose, showing off his abs, biceps and legs.  Viking turns to show off his impressive back, bringing his arms up for a double bicep pose.  The sneaky veteran tries to take advantage of Viking’s back being turned – armed with a resistance band, Z-Man goes to wrap it around Viking’s neck!  But Viking senses the danger and whirls round just in time to catch Z-Man, grabbing the band and wrapping it around Z-Man’s neck instead!  Viking drags Z-Man to the mat, telling him he needs to be taught a lesson! Z-Man sinks to his knees as Viking pulls tight on the resistance band – this was not what Z-Man had in mind!  Viking lets the band go, instead grabbing hold of Z-Man’s arms and yanking them back hard, stretching out his chest and shoulders!  Z-Man feels like his arms are being ripped from his body as he exclaims that he “wasn’t ready!”  Viking lets him go, letting Z-Man get to his feet.  The two men lock up, pushing back and forth until Viking slips his arm underneath and grabs Z-Man by the throat!  Z-Man claws desperately at the hand encircling his neck, but Viking has a grip of iron!  A cold glint appears in Viking’s eye as he brings his other hand in and chokelifts Z-Man high up into the air!  After keeping him suspended for what feels like an eternity, Viking throws the Thunder’s superstar to the floor!  A bone-shattering bearhug from Viking has Z-Man sceaming in pain, his arms uselessly pinned to his side as Viking squeezes the life out of him!  He’s not ready to give in yet though, so Viking drops him to the mat.  “What was that pose you wanted to see earlier?  The back double bi?”  Viking turns to go into the pose – Z-Man seizes his chance and springs up, launching himself at the back of Viking and clamping on a choke hold!  But Viking reaches back and grabs Z-Man’s head, pulling forwards and throwing him to the ground!

Z-Man recovers, but is too slow as Viking’s arm lashes out for another blatant choke hold!  Again Z-Man is lifted his up in the air and thrown back down like yesterday’s trash!  Viking follows up with an incredibly intense standing headscissor, flexing his obliques as he crushes Z-Man’s skull!  Z-Man is trapped and suffering as Viking pumps and pulses his quads!  Viking decides to change things up, pulling Z-Man up and over his shoulders, shoulder pressing him up into a massive GORILLA PRESS!!!  Z-Man can do nothing as Viking slams him down HARD to the mat.  The veteran writhes on the mat, eventually getting to his feet – right into the waiting arms of Viking’s crushing bearhug!  Viking is out to utterly obliterate Z-Man!  He wraps his powerful arms around Z-Man’s neck in a sleeper, but then lets it go – Viking isn’t done punishing Z-Man yet!  More brutal stretching and crushing scissor holds inflict yet more pain on Z-Man, until Viking chokelifts him and carries him to the pool area.  Viking stands Z-Man up against the pillar and fires blow after blow into Z-Man’s six pack abs!  And just when Z-Man thinks he can’t take anymore, Viking gorilla presses him up and THROWS him into the pool!  But even then it’s not over as Viking grabs Z-Man by the hair, dragging him out of the water for a never-before-seen high-risk finisher!  An awesome end to an incredible beatdown of a match – get it today to see what final punishment Viking has in store for Z-Man!