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Brando vs Dom9 - Lightning Match 17

$ 31.59

DVD contains Lightning Matches 14,17,18,23

In Brando's own words: "He is an ex college athlete and just a big f*^cking muscle adonis, but his body speaks for itself." Dom9 walks up not intimidated at all and challenges Brando to a very upfront challenge getting Brando into a dominating, aggressive mindset. What is Dom's challenge to Brando?

Brando throws Dom to the mat smashing him over and over. Dom starts throwing gut punches into Brando's shredded abs but they leave him unphased. Dom's hands begin to wander all over Brando's rock hard body and Brando gets more and more aggressive!

Brando starts shoving his biceps into Dom's face making him kiss his biceps. Brando keeps mashing Dom into the mat while Dom yells in pain. Brando starts smashing his fists into Dom's abs now. Dom wraps Brando up in a bearhug and Brando does nothing but flex in his face and take the pain. Dom is surprised he can't hurt the "muscle adonis" Brando! Dom gets more and more heated as Brando keeps talking smack! Dom starts to shove Brando around the mat a little but is Brando letting Dom move him around? Brando's cocky attitude comes at Dom full force and Dom has to resort to fighting dirty, but Brando still just smashes into Dom like a train at full speed!

Will Dom find a way to hurt Brando? Or will the rookie muscle adonis show Dom he is a force to be reckoned with?