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Scrappy vs Baby Herc - Mat Wars 168

$ 31.59

Scrappy returns as "King Scrappy" to show Baby Herc how things go at Thunders Arena. He bearhugs Baby Herc to the mat and the two bodybuilders tie up! Baby Herc lifts Scrappy in a brutal chest to chest bearhug before throwing him down and wrapping his powerful legs around Scrappy's body. He squeezes as Scrappy struggles to breathe. Scrappy is not going to let the rookie get one on him that easily so he stands up an wraps Baby Herc in a full nelson! Scrappy throws him down and locks in a brutal Boston crab.

Baby Herc flips out of the hold and gets a rear sleeper on Scrappy. When Baby Herc lifts Scrappy in the air, Scrappy uses a veteran move and fakes an injury only to lure Baby Herc in for a brutal low blow! Scrappy throws Baby Herc against the wall and blasts him with gut punches! He lifts the rookie up and throw him to the mat. Scrappy sits on top on Baby Herc and locks in a figure four headlock choking the life out of Baby Herc. But Baby Herc fights out lifting Scrappy in a bearhug before tossing him away like a lightweight. 

Baby Herc locks in a tight rear sleeper and Scrappy is reeling! After Baby Herc gets cocky and starts flexing, Scrappy gets aggressive and breaks out. He really starts taking it to the rookie with painful pins, tight sleeper holds, and constricting submission maneuvers until Baby Herc is completely exhausted.

Has King Scrappy returned to take his throne? Or is there a new kid on the block that is going to take over? DOWNLOAD NOW AND FIND OUT!


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