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Bomb Batar double bicep flex arms pecs abs

Abomb vs Batar & Devin vs Red - Battlespace 04

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Batar vs Abomb
Battle of the bearhugs is finally here! I get a lot of request for a bearhug matches so now we went out and found some of the best built men to battle it out. Coming to us during the off season from bodybuilding is Abomb. He challenged Batar because they are both the exact same height, but Abomb is 50 pounds heavier than Batar! Talk about starting out your first match with an unfair advantage! This is a classic bodybuilder vs jocks match ya' all love to see. There are lots of great bearhugs, body scissors, headlocks, chokes, sleeper holds, camel clutches, and long held bearhugs. This is pure hulk power vs lean athlete in a battle for dominance of the mat! Will Abombs thick 19 inch arms and 52 inch chest crush Batar? Or will Batar's massive thighs have the big man yelling out, I submit in a scissor hold? This is a great match, enjoy!

Devin vs Lex (RED)
Red our pro wrestling school student wasted no time in taking on the big boys here in Thunder's Arena. He challenged Devin right off the bat because he knew he was one of our most dangerous wrestlers. RED is fast becoming one of our most popular wrestlers with his amazing moves and down home look. Devin definitely put the smackdown on some of RED's high flying moves and puts a real hurt on him. RED then starts using dirty tricks to get the edge. This is a great back and forth match with bearhugs, over the knee backbreaker, sleeper hold, and some special surprise interference in this match from another wrestler. Has RED made an enemy already? Watch what happens...